Article by Roberta Di Paolo

1982 the contemporary artist, graffiti writer, painter and tattoo artist Alessandro Siviglia was born in Salerno, Italy. He grew up in a very special, yet difficult neighborhood learning how to make his way on his own. Friendships have always been very important in his life, in fact together with his classmate, inspired by the hip hop culture at the age of 12 they started with their first graffiti writing.

Alessandro, who lives in a very close relationship with his city, expresses his artistic passion by graffiti writing, which becomes the way of painting his thoughts and ideas. By using a very fast painting style and intense vivid colors he creates masterpieces along the urban canvas of different cities (like Salerno or Valencia to quote a few), as if there was a virtual connection between them. He proposes often fanciful images retracing the most significant aspects of his life, on a constant research of a new form. His aim is to succeed studies of technique, go beyond the rules, to make original art works, almost in an instant moment. This artist loves huge surfaces to unleash his desire to create imposing characters, providing room for the imagination of the viewer.

“I grew up on the streets and that’s where I painted. I always felt the necessity of painting on enormous spaces and that’s why I preferred walls.”

writer_alessandro siviglia_artista_contemporaneo

For many years he drew stylized letters, sometimes abstract images followed by more figurative street-art, not thinking too much about the technique but liberating his imagination. His hand, free from any prejudice, is able to express what he feels. It represents often symbolic subjects or even people he loves, making way for strong emotions. He reflects and paints, almost at the limit of reality, bizarre characters and animals, to help us find messages hidden on different reading panes and to understand which for us spectators might be imperceptible at the first sight.

At the age of 19 he leaves Salerno and starts travelling around, looking for new ways of painting, catching the beauty of different cultures.


During his stay in Venice he starts to appreciate and study the local art that he is surrounded by in this wonderful lagoon town. It’s here where he paints on canvas for the first time and learns to express his greatness in smaller sizes: by throwing sketches and crashing colors he manages to bring his characteristic style on canvas. The works of the artist, on walls or canvas, have in any way a very strong impact on the viewer. They transmit the artist’s joy and passion, his lust for life and will to face and fight obstacles, sharing all his emotions and helping the viewer to live them as well.

Another important period of his life starts with his move to Valencia, Spain at the age of 23. There he stayed for about two years. Valencia is full of great examples of artistic excellence that inspire him: you can note almost immediately in his art works whose undefined lines create new forms, a recall of cubism, in particular of Picasso. Elaborating his own style, he experiments different languages and creates an almost symphonic harmony between art and life experiences.

Though he is constantly evolving his way of painting by combining Pop Art and Cubism you can still distinguish his style right away.

For about 3 years now he is living and working in the eternal city of Rome – a place full of never ending stimuli and inspiration.

Alessandro makes modern art works in his very unique style that often reflect on the past exalting his origins. In the recent years, through a mix of genres and different ways of expression he paints abstract images, majestic characters and objects, sometimes bizarre, grotesque stylized figures and animals, scenes with a surreal atmosphere, dynamically moving subjects like skittish horses, posing cats and birds or simply women drinking a steaming cup of coffee.

The painted subjects represent the everyday life in a dream world, the colors crashing and causing a stir of emotions: it’s like a song of colors.


dipinto moderno originale dipinto da alessandro siviglia

Colors, emotions and passion: those are the key concepts to understand Siviglia’s paintings:

«I’m experimenting always new ways of painting, nothing is precise, not even the “straightest” lines; I’m free to draw a rough unrefined line or to erase everything and start from scratch.» Because his art has to be free. All this brings him to reflect on life and death, on love and indifference, on the passions that are surrounding him, to transmit them on canvas expressing his own emotions.   

Inspired by and studying Picasso he uses often also the primordial contrast, black and white, adding a dramatic nature to the scene.



“Riflessioni” – Reflections, (2017) is one of his latest art works, using the strong contrast of black and white, adding only one touch of color, RED, that represents the color of blood, death but it’s also the color of passion and love, showing in fact his love for life.




Alessandro Siviglia lives for and through his art and the love he has for it. «You need to have passion, be willing to sacrifice, spend hours after hours studying different techniques, to experiment and paint paint paint». 

Roberta Di Paolo