Adam and Eve sending a strong message

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A portrait of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They are still naked and unconscious standing close to the tree of wisdom, Adam is holding on to a branch and he looks pretty relaxed. The snake instead is climbing up the tree with her head turned towards Eve as if she was whispering “Give it to him, give it to him …” and Eve, listening to her, passes the apple to Adam.
This painting is not only about a biblical story, it’s about being influenced and influencing others. Espescially nowadays we are bombarded by information, suggestions, guidelines, ecc. and we often don’t know which are true and which are wrong, we often just follow without checking. That’s when we find ourselves spreading wrong and harmful news/information influencing others to believe and behave in a certain way…
So let’s not listen to the wrong sources, but let’s try to look for the truthful and good things in life, trusting God and his eternal wisdom.