The photos below are from a street art project that he was commissioned with in 2014 by the Italian town Bellizzi near Salerno.

There are several totem of cement along the street at Bivio Pratole, between the two towns Bellizzi e Montecorvino Pugliano in the province of Salerno that Siviglia painted and covered on both sides with his beautiful art works.

The location precisely is along Viale della Repubblica, 60, 84090 Pratole SA, near the Fashion Bar, a local meeting place if you are interested in visiting this extraordinary permanent street art exhibition.

There are about 40 totem hand painted with acrylic, spray and varnish.

For this project the artist turned back to his roots, using mainly spray, his original street art techniques which you can also find in his paintings on canvas.

On the totem are represented human characters and animals, almost animated that are telling a bit the story of who is passing by.

Often infact his paintings represent people, faces of women and men whom he saw who knows where and included inconsciously in his works.

Siviglia wanted to add some color to this part of the street where before grey was the dominating “color”.