More and more architects are opting for open spaces when planning the renovation of a home. In fact, so-called open spaces often combine the kitchen with the living room without additional dividing walls and make the house look larger, brighter and more inviting.

Certainly to decorate a larger space you need paintings of a certain size, often a 40×60″ (100x150cm) is not enough. Here is an example of a 80×120″ (200x300cm) painting in a house in Sicily:


large modern painting to furnish an open space in a renovated house the perfect mix between modern and antique
This huge canvas showing a medieval battle scene in a contemporary painting style by Alessandro Siviglia found it’s place in an open space of a completely renovated house in Sicily. The antique building still shows part of the ancient walls, ceiling and even pavement. This is why the subject of the artwork perfectly fits in this beautiful environment.


modern paintings to furnish large spaces colorful and complex artworks that attract attention paintings for architects and interior designers
In front of the dining room there is the kitchen and the access to the panoramic terrace.


Works of this dimension and even larger are often commissioned as they are non-standard sizes. The artist creates custom-made artworks according to the collectors requests of size and theme. The transport and assembly of the frame in these cases are often (at least within Italy and Europe) carried out personally by him to ensure a perfect result.

For more information and / or to commission a work please contact +39 3891245824 (also on Whatsapp).