Presents for your guests

In Italy it is tradition to hand over a special little gift to the guests joining your Wedding celebration, Baptism, First Communion and other family celebrations. Therefore the choice of such little gifts is very important and you want to have something nice, particular, extra ordinary so your guests will remember your one day as much as you do.

Alessandro Siviglia suggests several versions of this kind of presents, to add an artistic touch to your special day.

You can choose different hand-painted original designs on canvas, 5×5 ” (12×12 cm) where the canvas is placed in a black or white square passpartout frame, 10×10″ (25×25cm) frame size

Your guests will keep a very unique and long-lasting memory of your celebration.

Bomboniere matrimonio: Quadri in miniatura con cornice










There are so many different charakters and designs, you can choose the musician with his saxophone, the kissing lovers, the typical italian coffeemaker, which is an ideal gift also for inaugurations of bars and coffee shops, etc. You will find the perfect design for your day or you can just ask the artist to create them ad hoc for you.


Another great idea for your guests: cute little easels with small canvases, hand painted by Alessandro Siviglia, here for example all in black&white with some red on it.

Quadri in miniatura con cavalletto

All the products are signed by the artist and come with a stamp and the label.

Contact the artist here to get more information on options, design and costs.



Wedding gifts for the guests

quadri per bomboniere matrimonio_alessandro siviglia