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LUST for LIFE – Art Exhibition

art exhibition-sala blu-via del teatro pace 3- roma-alessandro-siviglia

From May 26 to June 11, 2017 LUST for LIFE – the solo exhibition of the contemporary artist Alessandro Siviglia in an exhibition space near Piazza Navona in Rome.
In the heart of Rome there have been displayed some of the most important art works of Siviglia, a young emerging artist from Italy.
The title of the exhibition “Lust for Life” means exactly this, the strong desire to live life to the fullest. Siviglias art works are vibrant with energy, colors and life. Especially the larger paintings with more complex scenes, different characters, symbols and hidden details invite the spectator to enter, to delve into the painting and to drift away into another world, a fabulous world, an almost surreal world, a very colorful, curious world like the scene of a dream. 
Sure, the first impact might be, but if you get closer and have a second look you will see that there is not so much of Picasso anymore. Siviglia uses cubism as his painting style in a very unique way, his brushworks are very fast, dynamic and his use of different techniques and materials like oil, acrylic, spray paint, marker and often also collage make his paintings exceptional, rich and special.
Though Siviglia is still very young with his 35 years of age, life has brought him from left to right from north to south, life brought him different experiences, great ones and bad ones that helped him grow, open his horizon and get inspiration. He is a positive character, vivacious, with a good and simple heart. The aim of his art is to bring joy, to make you smile, to share his love and passion with anyone who loves his work. 

This was already the second solo exhibition in Rome and the third will follow in May 2018 at Palazzo Velli in Trastevere, Rome. SO STAY TUNED!