• riproduzione quadro mori contro cristiani di alessandrio siviglia
  • quadro moderno-mori contro cristiani-dipinto da alessandro siviglia

Mori contro Cristiani

Ercole Guerra, an art-history teacher at the scientific high school in Monte Sant’Angelo (Italy), had the chance to admire Siviglia’s art works, in particular “Mori contro Cristiani” which he analyzed together with his high school students.

They had the idea to create a huge board with a reproduction of the painting consisting of 42 equal canvases – one for each student, to be installed in the high school’s hall. The teacher asked the artist to authorize this student project. When he accepted with great pleasure the student’s reaction was an enthusiastic applause accompanied with shouting, jumping and hugging. Right from the beginning the teenagers have been thrilled by the painting and the idea to re-paint it in separate pieces.

The whole project was generated by the idea to make the second hall, that has recently been renovated and equipped for innovative didactics, more attractive and functional. Besides this practical reasons the students have been motivated also by the fact that soon they will leave “their” school to start their university studies in other cities. So they wanted to leave a sign of their 5 years high school attendance.

But why Siviglia’s artwork “Mori contro cristiani”? The choice was driven by its ease to be analyzed, by the freshness and dynamic of its characters, Siviglia’s swift painting style and by the coincidental correspondence of the theme and a story of Saint Michael – the patron of the school – where he and his heavenly soldiers came to help the Beneventians fighting the Byzantines who wanted to conquer Naples.

Alessandro Siviglia feels very honored and is deeply amazed by the students initiative and their profound interest in art and history.


ambiente moderno con quadro di alessandro siviglia