Modern Sicily Painting

dipinto grande su parete turchese verde mare, quadro sulla sicilia, quadro con carretto siciliano e pupi, foglie di fico d'india , Alessandro Siviglia arte italiana

This article is about one of Alessandro Siviglia‘s most popular artworks.

The painting is the one you can see in the photo hanging on this beautiful turquoise wall, this modern piece of art is dedicated to the famous Italian island Sicily.

The artist wanted to represent the Sicilian terra with strong and vivid colors expressive as the south of Italy and typical figures, like Sicilian characters, the traditional puppets with the swords, the smoking vulcano Etna and the warmth that those characters and Sicily transmit.

Infact the Sicilian people are famous for their warmth personality and joy of life.

There are many elements that symbolize Sicily like the sea or the fishers going fishing in the morning.

This painting shows the beautiful Sicily, the admirable Sicily, the Sicily that struggles hard to pull forward despite all the problems that this wonderful island has.

In this painting by using intense colors the artist wants to tribute Sicily and the Sicilians, their joy and lust for life. This is what the south of Italy, what Sicily transmits to the world – joy and lust for life.