Unique painting on canvas by the artist Alessandro Siviglia.

Dimensions: 227×120 cm, INCH: 47″x89″


Year 2019

The work is signed on the back and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

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Ispirato dalla frase detta da Papa Francesco “la donna è colei che da armonia al mondo” l’artista Alessandro Siviglia ha dipinto questo pensiero.
Al centro del dipinto possiamo notare la donna come messa li al centro del mondo.



Contemporary art work, mixed technique on canvas, size 120x227cm, 47″x89″ Inch, mixed technique on canvas by Alessandro Siviglia 2019.
Extraordinary original artwork with a very complex scene of different figures, surreal and non on a deep black background which enhances the colorful contrasts of the many details hidden in the painting.

Inspired by Pope Francis who said “The woman is the one who gives harmony to the world.” the Italian artist Alessandro Siviglia in “Armonia al Mondo” painted this very thought.
At the center of the painting we can see the woman as if she was put in the center of the world.

The setting of the painting is to make you feel the physical presence of women inside the space, we are looking at a sensual work, the bodies express emotions and senses like pleasure, taste and beauty to the human eye.

The figures occupy the space in a dancing way made of colors and shadows where there is what we can see but above all what we observers only can imagine and dig out of our mind, characters that transmit the pleasure to live and to enjoy life in itself.