Original painting, individual single piece, oil and acrylic on canvas, Siviglia 2019

Size: 50x50cm, INCH: 39,3×59″

Give your environment an exclusive touch with the original paintings of the contemporary artist Alessandro Siviglia.

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Baci appassionati quadro moderno dipinto a mano originale
Baci appassionati quadro moderno dipinto a mano originale



Contemporary art work, mixed technique on canvas, 50×50 cm, INCH: 19,6×19,6″, Siviglia 2019

This painting of two lovers on a red background is made with warm colors such as red and yellow that form a strong contrast with a deep and brilliant blue. The work represents the love that is the purest, simplest and most essential emotion that exists. Love is a feeling that human beings and animals have in common. Love must be taken care of and nurtured. Whether love between lovers, the love of a parent, love for a friend or love for an animal are different types of love, but it is always love. An emotion so strong that it often comes suddenly and without explanation or reason.
Siviglia, in his paintings of couples in love, paints love in its simplicity. Solar and positive art works that caress the soul of the observer.

Now that we are approaching Christmas or other occasions such as: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, ecc.

If you want to make an original gift and different from the usual ones, choose a painting by the artist Alessandro Siviglia, you will see that it will be appreciated for its beauty and originality.