La Mora


Unique painting on wood by the artist Alessandro Siviglia.

Dimensions: 96x80cm, 37,7″x31,4″ Inch


Year 2019

The work is signed on the back and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

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portrait of a woman with black hair

Title “LA MORA”

Contemporary art work, mixed technique on wood, size 96x80cm, 37,7″x31,4″ Inch by Alessandro Siviglia 2019.

Portrait of a woman with dark hair sitting on a chair. The woman with curly hair looks in the mirror and adjusts her hairstyle. It almost seems like he was getting ready for a show. The painting is made with acrylic colors on a wooden board which in turn was a door for a piece of furniture. Thus the artist gives a new life to an object that was destined to die. Modern painting ideal for decorating the home, unique hand-painted paintings, oil paintings on canvas to decorate your living room with style and bright colors, large modern painting, unique painting signed both ahead and behind the canvas with authentic signed and seal of authenticity of the artist Alessandro Siviglia.