Original painting, individual single piece, oil and acrylic on canvas, Siviglia 2020

Size: 45×77 cm, INCH: 18,5×30,3″

Give your environment an exclusive touch with the original paintings of the contemporary artist Alessandro Siviglia.

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45x77cm I Corridori, olio su tela quadri moderni in vendita a salerno, alessandro siviglia



Contemporary art work, mixed technique on canvas, 45×77 cm, INCH: 18,5×30,3″, Siviglia 2020

In this figurative painting we can see four characters. The king, as the usual protagonist in Siviglias paintings, sitting on a throne and giving audience to three different people. All three, hurrying to come before the king, are kneeling down. The first with the tie looks like a businessman, the second is naked and seems quite disturbed, the third character is a woman. The woman is carrying her wounded and bleeding heart in her hand as if she wanted to ask the king to heal it. What brought them before the king, what will they ask of him, what will they expect him to do? That’s up to the observer who should use his/her imagination, anyone can identify with one or more characters of this scene and dream his own story.
The colors used by the artist are quite simple, a strong contrast between the blue and orange that form the background where the scene takes place, whereas the figures are painted mainly in black and white with some highlights in red.