Original painting, individual single piece, oil and acrylic on canvas, Siviglia 2019

Size: 50x50cm, INCH: 39,3×59″

Give your environment an exclusive touch with the original paintings of the contemporary artist Alessandro Siviglia.

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Title “IL PATTO”

Contemporary art work, mixed technique on canvas, 50×50 cm, INCH: 19,6×19,6″, Siviglia 2019

A very colorful and detailed figurative painting, even though the canvas is quite small.
We see a scene set in the Middle Ages or just a scene from a fairy tale with the king being corrupted by the devil who is offering him money. The devil knelt down before the king to pretend his submission instead the king will dependent on the devil since at the same time he binds him with chains to his horns. There are angels who try to prevent him from making a pact with the devil, but it seems they came too late. It is known that those who make a pact with the devil often stop at nothing, as we also see in the present scene where people are trampled and their rights are ignored.
A powerful painting with a deep meaning on a small size, perfect to fit in anywhere, at your office for example to remind you to make no deals with the wrong people.