modern painting ofAdam and Eve in Paradise under the tree of wisdom Eve offering the apple to Adam original painting on canvas in contemporary cubist Siviglian style very colorful
“Il Peccato di Gola” 32,2×19,6″ (82x50cm), mixed technique acrylic on canvas, Siviglia 2021


TITLE: “Il Peccato di Gola”

A portrait of Adam and Eve in paradise under the Tree of Wisdom. The couple is still naked, so they haven’t tasted the forbidden fruit yet, but Eve is offering it to Adam who is about to take it. To convince him and give the final push is the snake that whispers in his ear. A painting that depicts the best known biblical scene that speaks of TEMPTATION, the moment in which you know you have to make a certain decision, but you choose to do the opposite. Sometimes just because you’re curiose, because of an intense desire or also because you believe when people say “Come on, it won’t be so bad, actually it’ll be fun!” but eventually negative consequences will have an impact on your life and on others too…
A picture that also speaks of a couple relationship, partners in crime, trust, pleasure, shared interests and problems but also the responsibility for the partner’s life.

A painting with bright cold colors such as green, turquoise and blue that create strong contrasts with the warm yellow and red. Adam and Eve instead are completely flesh-colored with black outlines only, they are still pure and very simple.

A painting that fits into any context, whether to furnish your home, living room or bedroom, but also to decorate an office or professional studio such as a law firm or the office of a psychotherapist for example, since both professions deal with transgressions and (feelings of) guilt.


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