Original painting, individual single piece, oil and acrylic on canvas, Siviglia 2019

Size: 100x150cm, INCH: 39,3×59″

Give your environment an exclusive touch with the original paintings of the contemporary artist Alessandro Siviglia.


Le Guardie, dipinto moderno per regalo di natale originale



Contemporary art work, mixed technique on canvas, 100×150 cm, INCH: 39,3×59″, Siviglia 2019

This beautiful and colorful painting on canvas represents the court, at the center of the canvas is the throne where the queen sits and behind her to watch over are her personal guards. This painting is full of symbols and hidden scenes that always give the viewer a different point of view. The explanation of the painting remains to the observer. Bright colors like fiery red and orange that give the viewer the warmth and a sense of well-being. Large paintings for the walls of the house, a modern painting to place behind a beautiful modern living room sofa. The modern paintings of Siviglia also furnish rooms such as the bedroom very well, the large painting 100×150 can be placed on the headboard of the bed or on a wall of the room giving a blow of color to the bedroom.

The artist Alessandro Siviglia stands for modern paintings with bright and vivid colors that give a touch of joy to your house, hand-painted and unique pieces on canvas with deep but yet simple and straight to your heart messages.