Armata d’Amore

Titolo  “Armata d’Amore”

Acrilico su tela, anno 2019

Misure 120×200 cm

Artista Alessandro Siviglia


L’opera è firmata sul retro ed è accompagnata dal certificato di autenticità.

”queste foto sono soggette a copyright”


tela grande con fondo tricolore


Title “Armata d’Amore”

Contemporary art work, mixed technique on canvas, 120×200 cm, INCH: 47,2×78,7″, Siviglia 2019

This painting with the Italian flag as background colors, has three main characters, a centaur and two beautiful girls. There are many other figures around them that are much smaller and less evident, but equally significant. A painting with a hidden meaning that needs to be discovered by every single viewer.