Gli Araldi della Regina


Unique painting on canvas by the artist Alessandro Siviglia.

Dimensions: 120×200 cm, INCH: 47,2×78,7″


Year 2019

The work is signed on the back and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

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quadro arredamento casa, arredamento albergo ivrea, torino, turismo in piemonte
quadro ispirato al Carnevale di Ivrea


Title “Gli Araldi della Regina”

Contemporary art work, mixed technique on canvas, 120×200 cm, INCH: 47,2×78,7″, Siviglia 2019

“Gli Araldi della Regina” – The Heralds of the Queen are a association of Ivrea that is preparing all year long for the most important event – the carnival of Ivrea. The carnival of Ivrea is the oldest historical carnival in Italy, one of the best known and most visited. It is famous for the “Battle of the Oranges, which takes place for three days in the main city squares, a moment of great involvement and strong emotion, re-enactment of the popular rebellion against tyranny.”
The artist had the honor to decorate the carneval cart of “The Heralds of the Queen” for 2019s carnival edition and therefore was inspired to paint a scene of the battle on canvas.