modern colorful design 

size of the canvas:
5×5 ” (12×12 cm)

the canvas is placed in a black or white square passpartout frame:

10×10″ (25×25cm) frame size

mixed technique on canvas, Siviglia 2017

FOR DESTINATIONS OUTSIDE ITALY: The painting is shipped framed. It comes with the certificate of authenticity including the title, the year of creation and the signiture of the artist. 



SWEET NIGHT – modern colorful design, mixed technique on canvas, Siviglia 2017

In this painting you can see a couple meeting at night.

Very lovely, romantic colorful painting, cute and small size – the perfect gift, that fits everywhere.

Unique “bomboniera”, painted on canvas, perfect to make your wedding very special with the unique gifts for your guests, personalized and hand painted by Alessandro Siviglia.