Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Gifts for Valentine’s Day? Not sure what to give to your partner? On Valentine’s Day we usually give boxes of chocolate or other common gifts. However, we promise ourselves that next year we will be more creative and make a gift that will last over time, that will speak to the heart of the people we love. Are you looking for a gift for the day of lovers, the Valentine’s Day and you do not know what to give, you need an original and different idea?

Don’t worry for there is the Italian painter Alessandro Siviglia, an artist from Salerno who will inspire you. Siviglia, for Valentine’s Day, has decided to create paintings for couples, designed for those who love each other. In his online gallery we can find modern paintings of couples with the theme of love, colorful paintings with a wide choice for those who want to give not only something beautiful but a real feeling painted on canvas. We can find miniature paintings with a frame to give to your groom or bride, to your boyfriend or simply to the person we love. We can find the painting entitled “I love you” or “Cure my heart”.

In the online gallery where the artist sells his works on the web we can find several paintings of small and large size, we can choose a modern painting that decorates our home on Valentine’s day, we can also go to visit the artist’s studio and purchase his art directly from him, hand-painted original works by and from the artist himself.

Alessandro Siviglia, sale of modern paintings by Alessandro Siviglia, in Salerno, a beautiful city at the Mediterranean coast, between the Cilento and the Amalfi Coast, close to Naples, Sorrento or Pompei.

The artist moved back to Salerno in October 2019, returning to his native city and opening a studio where he could paint and also sell his works was a joyful moment for him. So when you go for a trip to Italy, especially the south like Naples, Capri, Amalfi ecc. come and visit also Salerno and Siviglia at his study.

You can also ask the artist for a painting on canvas with oil or acrylic on commission, he can make portraits of couples or families, you can immortalize a photo you like or a situation that you would like to have painted on canvas.
You can contact the artist at 3283016153, for English +393891245824 or at

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!