On this page we have selected some of the sacred paintings Siviglia has created.

In the course of his life there have been many situations and events that had a strong impact on the artist starting already from childhood. On this page we can appreciate different religious art works like portraits of Jesus, of Mary, of several saints and angels being part of the Christian faith he has.

Siviglia is very much devoted to God, also because of the health issues he had when he was a child. Infact, at the age of about 3 years he was diagnosed a severe problem of his ankles that would not allow him to walk or use his legs in general. After 7 years in a wheelchair, when the doctors told him he had to undergo a surgery, but his mother – a devoted believer herself, brought him Lourdes to take a bath in the holy water.. After this pilgrimage he felt a strong pain in his ankles and on his return to the hospital the puzzled doctors could only declare the complete restoration of his ankles, a medical surgery was not necessary anymore. Today Alessandro is in the best of health and his way of thanking God, remembering what happened to him, is to paint this kind of sacral paintings, portraits of Christ and all the other religious characters, recalling the events and locations of the history of Christian faith.

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