In this gallery you can some of the abstract paintings Siviglia has painted in the last years.

In the course of his artistical career he also painted some abstract paintings. Those artworks, on canvas or wooden boards, represent a disassemblement of figures. In fact Siviglia wants exatcly this with his abstract paintings, to break up his figures and reassemble them in a rather confusional way, almost beyond recognition and at the same time being recognized through his very unique painting style.

Are you interested in an abstract painting made by Alessandro Siviglia? Contact him here.


Modern abstract paintings – contemporary abstract art

Abstract paintings for your home or your office.

Are you looking for a special way to decorate your home? Distinguish yourself from the ordinary art deco and furnish your home with an original contemporary and unique piece of art! Siviglia’s canvases are mounted on the canvas frame and ready to decorate your walls without any extra frame needed.

The paintings on this page are not available for sale. But you can check out Paintings for sale or contact the artist right away, if you want to commission an abstract painting.

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