On this page you will see a selection of Siviglia´s paintings that are particularly huge.

Here you may admire some of Siviglia´s large paintings, art works that despite of the huge size Siviglia manages to paint swiflty and skillfully.

Not every artist is able to express himself on big dimensions, whereas Siviglia actually loves to paint on large canvases thanks to his past as a graffiti writer. Infact, how he filled the walls with his designs and letters now he fills huge canvases with beautiful paintings full of symbols and meanings.

The large paintings on canvas that you see below have been painted in a flow, like a graffiti throw-up, very fast and spontanous like the artist himself.

Are you interested in decorating your room with one of Siviglia´s big-size painting? Visit the page available paintings or contact the artist directly.

Large modern paintings on canvas

The majority of Siviglia´s large paintings are part of private collections all over the world, Shanghai, New York, Paris ecc. One of his most famous art works,  “Mori contro Cristiani” for example is part of a private collection in Palermo, Sicily.

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