Adam and Eve sending a strong message

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  A portrait of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They are still naked and unconscious standing close to the tree of wisdom, Adam is holding on to a branch and he looks pretty relaxed. The snake instead … Continued

SUPER VENICE – Commissional work on Venice

Title “SUPER VENICE” The most recent commissional work by the Italian artist is called “Super Venice”, first of all because it talks about Venice and the main symbols of this beautiful city immersed in water: from left to right the … Continued

Mori contro Cristiani – an art work conquers a highschool

To copy an art work is bad. You don’t do that! It’s actually like stealing. But not in this case. In this case the copy of the painting is not a simple copy: it’s an assembly of 42 replicated parts … Continued


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  WANTED!!! This painting by Alessandro Siviglia, created in 2008, was stolen several years ago during an exhibition in Salerno, Italy. It’s almost entirely mady with spray paint on wood with a painted wooden frame. It’s title is: “Cangatto” – … Continued

Thunderstrucked on Picasso’s way

Alessandro Siviglia, born in Salerno, vocation to be a runagate, talks about his art. From the walls to canvas, painting is freedom. Article at Party Magazine di Carmine Luino   Graffiti writing your first love. I was about 15 years old, … Continued

Presents for your guests

In Italy it is tradition to hand over a special little gift to the guests joining your Wedding celebration, Baptism, First Communion and other family celebrations. Therefore the choice of such little gifts is very important and you want to … Continued

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