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Thunderstrucked on Picasso’s way

Alessandro Siviglia, born in Salerno, vocation to be a runagate, talks about his art. From the walls to canvas, painting is freedom.

Article at Party Magazine di Carmine Luino


Graffiti writing your first love.

I was about 15 years old, when I started to paint on walls. It was like love at first sight with me and the aerosol art. I remember how me and Fabio my class mate and partner in adventures, were always looking for huge surfaces to paint on. The legal prohibitions related to street art made this practise even more attractive to us. I have painted on more than 400 walls, in Italy as well as in other European countries, in abbandoned factories or in the outskirts of different cities.

I was dedicated to the forms of lettering, studied how to intertwist the letters with different colors and shapes. I studied at the local art institute, but I learned a lot about art on the street. To face huge walls even two times six meters, allowed me to express myself entirely and to learn how to manage the space, the design and the colors.


Salerno, Venice, Valencia, Rome. To what extent, from an art perspective, did it help you to live in such diverse places?

I was born in Salerno and lived there until I was 17 years old. I founded my first crew there, a group of graffitti writers interacting and learning the basics of this art from each other. In Venice and Milan I got to know artists that were painting on canvas, which rose my interest in a way of painting so far away from my own. At that time i considered painting on canvas as restrictive in a certain sense. Then I moved to Valencia, Spain where I started to paint on canvas out of necessity.

I didn’t know the local writer comunity and neither the places where you could go and paint. One day, thunderstruck and inspired by Picasso’s works, I started to paint figurative paintings on canvas. Twisting letters that I was so obsessed with were put aside and I started using the sprays directly on canvas with a very similar technique to my graffitti style.

Then there came the exhibitions and today thanks to internet I have more than 1000 paintings sold all over the world. To know that some of my art works went to places I cannot even imagine makes me happy and proud.


What artists did influence your art?

Definitely Picasso and Basquiat, but also the great maestros of a time like Leonardo da Vinci.


A place where you have never lived, but would like to?

Today I live in Rome, a city that gives me a lot. A big city where I feel free. I don’t have any specific city in mind where I would like to live, but it needs to be a metropolis. In a small town I would get sick.


Future projects?

Together with my wife, Annett, I would like to open an art studio where I can meet people interested in my art. A multidisciplinary studio with paintings, photography and tattoo-art. Not too long ago I officially got my diploma as a tattooist and would like to imprint my art on skin as well as on canvas.


Affrontare muri grandi anche due metri per sei, mi ha permesso sia di esprimermi pienamente, sia di imparare a gestire proporzioni, disegno e colori. 

party magazine - folgorato sulla via di picasso

Party Magazine – Folgorato sulla via di Picasso